About Me

I live in the mountains of western North Carolina. My home is some distance from the little town of Franklin. Here, the mountains predominate. They send sounds echoing up their sides–dogs barking, coyotes singing with blood-lust, my husband’s voice from down at the pond, as clear as if he were standing beside me. It is vernal and biting, green and damp and covered in lichens. It is flowing/dripping/rotting/subsumed by fungi/profligate and teeming with life. The natural drama serves to put me in my place and inspires my work in many ways.

Artist Statement

My fascination with depictions of human faces began as a child, drawn by the eerie gazes of department-store mannequins, automatons, masks, and circus props. In my thirties I painted people real and imagined and exhibited in South Florida. In 2014 I relocated to North Carolina and began sculpting faces. At first I worked from a mold I made of a child mannequin. Using a form of paper clay, I found I could alter and manipulate the features to show various emotions–and to add teeth and tongue. From this I made heads and later, busts, fashioning an armature from recycled materials such as cardboard, styrofoam, and plastic. After the successful completion of a commission for a large circus head, I began designing my own adult faces and experimenting further with conveying emotion and context though features and finish. Of late I am drawn to multiples for their impact.

Antique Halloween is side-interest of mine, and, as autumn nears, you may find me making decorations and lanterns like those of Pre-war Germany and France. These are for sale on my Etsy site.