QUICKEST way to get me is through my Etsy shop “Kaso Art Studio.” I check it daily.

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Carean Kaso 82 North Sugar Creek Rd. Franklin, NC 28734



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  1. Just received Daisy. She is beautiful. Will be checking in on your website for your enjoy your artwork.
    Best regards, karin

    1. Terrific, thanks Karin! I am planning a series of paintings I’m calling “Black, White and Monochrome.” the red and blue portrait is an example of the work I will be doing. At the same time, I’m continuing to make the girls’ mannequin heads. They are still very meaningful to me, and I believe I’ll be making them for some time to come, yet they will also continue to evolve…in ways I cannot now know.

      Are you an artist too? If so, I would love to see your work!
      Thanks so much for stopping by,

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