Mannequin Heads

Gerta for web

Josie, 2014. Paper mache cast of vintage mannequin head. Painted in acrylics. Approximate size 7″ x 6″ x 9.” Sold for $165 in Sept 2014.

ANDREA  left

Andrea, 2014. Paper mache, acrylic paint, lacquer. 7″ x 6″ x 9.” Sold for $165 in Sept 2014.


Penny, 2014. Paper mache, acrylic paint. Size 7″ x 9.” Last one of this series! Available on Etsy. To locate, Google my name, then choose “Carean Kaso” on Etsy.


Short Story : How The Mannequin Girls Began

In 2004 my mother bought three children’s mannequin heads from a garage sale. I don’t know what she paid for them, but she was an artist and had very little money, so it couldn’t have been much. The man who sold them to her said he had more in storage and told her to come back if she wanted them. She took them home and remade them into something strange and beautiful. Visiting friends always commented on them. When she returned to the man’s house to buy more, however, he’d disappeared. In fact, the woman who greeted her said she had lived there alone for thirty years. Mom said she distinctly remembered a stone cat in the overgrown garden, and the house was on the street she grew up on, so it was a bit of a mystery. A year later she died unexpectedly and left me with a trove of her work, many fine and beautiful pieces. Among them were the heads which I put on display at home. I’ve since developed a strong affection for them.

Last fall I decided to replicate them and try to sell them. I figured if I loved them, maybe others would too. But more than that, they express perfectly the theme of my art, which is something of a eulogy to my mom. My best work has always been directly or indirectly an expression of my feelings for things past and things lost. Mom is a big part of that, and in sharing these sweet sad mannequin girls, I feel like I’m doing something she found very difficult to do: share the spirit of her work and herself with the world.

Daisy for web Website 002

Daisy, 2013. Paper mache, acrylic paint. Cast from vintage mannequin head. Approximate size 7″ x 6″ x 9.” Sold for $149, spring, 2014.

Gerta Paper Mache Head 067 (480x640)

Gerta I, 2013. Paper mache and acrylic paint.  Sold for $129 January 2013.

HANNAH for WEB 2 & 3 034

Hannah, 2013. Paper mache, oil paint, and beeswax finish. Sold for $120 in January 2014.

LUCY first shot fixed

Lucy, 2014. Paper-mache composition, acrylic paint. 7″ x 7″ x 9.” Sold for $165 Sept 2014.

LUCY bottom cropped

My newest pieces are signed with “logo” and signature, as well as numbered and named. For posterity.

MADELINE first pic corrected

Madeline, 2014. Paper mache composition. Sold for $165 August 2014.

Ilsa Apr 20 013

Ilsa, 2014. Paper Mache construction, acrylic paint and lacquer. Sold $149 in summer 2014.

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