This article appeared in the Sun Sentinel in 2009:

Picking Up The Pieces: Mixed Media the Focus of Unconventional ArtServe Exhibit.

Sun Sentinel: June 7, 2009|By Candice Russell Special Correspondent

In one of the better exhibitions presented at Fort Lauderdale’s ArtServe in recent years, “Mix It Up” focuses on artists using more than one medium in a single work…

Working from the heart on issues of deep personal concern motivated Carean Kaso to create Crude Box (Separation). Inside a box with a covering of tiny flower petals embedded in yellow resin is a seated nude woman holding a newborn child. The work, about the death of her mother–is edgy, disturbing, and memorable.  “Grieving for the loss of a mother is an atavistic experience, meaning it sends you to a very primitive part of your brain.” she explained. Kaso, who previously worked as a painter, incorporates white birds as spiritual symbols on the painted border of the box.

“I’ve lost several female members of my family and had dreams about them becoming birds and flying away,” she says.

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