I currently offer my work directly to the public, on Etsy.

Etsy Shop:    Kaso Art Studio.

If you have an interest in a work shown on this site, contact me at my Etsy shop, or e-mail me at:

Thanks to the Internet, many artists (both visual and  performing artists) are choosing to represent themselves. This gives us the freedom to do exactly what moves us, without worrying about others’ expectations and demands. Did you know that a gallery takes between 40% and 60% of the sale of an artists’ work? They will argue that overhead and advertising costs demand taking this kind of cut. If so, (and I doubt it) there has got to be a better way. Too few people can afford original art, because of inflated prices. That’s just wrong.  Even if you can afford to buy a piece of art in a gallery, are you really okay with the gallery owner receiving as much or more than the person who created it?

By purchasing work directly from the artist, you save money and the artist alone receives compensation. That kind of honest transaction is also very mutually satisfying. A work of art is an individual statement and therefore very personal. Why then shouldn’t the transaction be too?

I’m getting off my soap-box now. Thank you for visiting and please feel free to share your thoughts. I invite your ideas!



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